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Looking back at a quality partnership between Clipso and Edem Projet : Showroom Shopping centres Azbuka Remonta

Edem distributes the renowned Clipso products mainly in the Oudmourtie Republic (Russia) thanks to its network of 22 resellers. And Edem is now looking at expanding its network nationwide.

In order to do so, a 70sqm showroom has been created in the Azbuka Remonta mall in Ijevsk with one main target: presenting the many possibilities Clipso offer. Therefore the Clipso stretch fabrics have been fitted in many situations, such as on the ceiling, the walls, as an acoustic option, standard, coloured (4051 Ciment, 9999 Noir, Orange, Blanc...) but also as bespoke printed fabrics.

In this store, the technicity of the Clipso stretch ceilings is sublimated by the fitting of back-lighting on ceilings and walls, but also by the finishing quality and the creativity of the designers of this space.

No doubt private customers will be seduced by these many possibilities, but this showroom also points out the fact that the Clipso products are perfectly suited for commercial environments, such as malls.

About the project

Project Name: Showroom in a shopping mall Azbuka Remonta

Fitter: EDEM, Russia

City, Country: Izhevsk, Russia
Products: Akustical color fabrics – translucent printed fabric with backlit. PVC Profiles
Completion time: 2 workdays for 2 persons

  • Un plafond rétroéclairé pour un showroom illuminé !
  • Le plafond tendu se pose même dans les centres commerciaux
  • Le revêtement s’adapte à toutes les formes
  • Les revêtements CLIPSO se posent dans les centres commerciaux
  • Le revêtement translucide utilisé pour créer des affiches

CLIPSO® creations & inspirations

  • Clipso - VG - 15
  • Clipso - RMN Grand Palais Coquelicots, environs d'Argenteuil 06-532529
  • Effet papier peint - CD 1861
  • Clipso - TM Banff Alberta Canada 3
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