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A Tennis Training Center in Roland Garros Project: Training centre at French Tennis federation

Roland Garros is internationally renowned for the quality of its tennis tournament. The French Tennis Federation (FFT) has just completed the full renovation of the National training centre, including tennis courts and office space for the management.
This large project was initiated in December 2013 by the architect Marc Mimram, from Marc Mimram Ingerierie SA. He was directly appointed by the French Tennis Federation.

This training centre has a main goal : keep providing the best French tennis players. Since it was created, many players have used these facilities : Noah, Leconte, Forget, Clément, Santoro, Grosjean, Escudé, Llodra, Tsonga, Gasquet, Monfils, Simon, but also Mauresmo, Dechy, Testud, Razzano…

The main hall hosts now 6 new tennis courts along with the new management offices, for a total size of 3500 sqm. The national centre offers great infrastructures, including state-of-the-art equipments and technologically advanced tools to the new generation of champions.Chill areas have been designed as well, in order to keep a good balance between work and rest.

Marc Mimram, the architect, didn't hesitate too long before deciding to use Clipso 495D Acoustic fabrics to cover the vaulted structure. Installed within the plastic profiles, he knew the acoustic properties would be unbeatable.
He then designed large ceiling panels of 3 x 17.5 m, above which a custom made acoustic insulation was concealed. Finally, large lights were integrated to brighten the hall, along with the large natural light openings. The PVC profiles ref. P-CC are particularly adapted on this bend structure and were directly screwed on it.

Acoustic fabrics were obvioulsy ideal : in such a large space, sound will reverberate in an exponential manner, and must be treated in a smart way.
Finally, the results from the resistance tests and the acoustic performances of the Clipso coverings did convince Marc Mimram and his client, the FFT.

Clipso's installation partner company, Haguenier, faced the challenge of installing Clipso products at a height of 10m. A team of 6 to 10 fitters was constantly on site for 2 months to ensure installation of the 3500sqm of acoustic insulation and of the fabric ceiling of the new French training centre.

Game, set and match!

Clipso-Haguenier partnership, a winning doubles!
Clipso, at the excellency's service!

About the project

Project Name: Tennis Training Center Roland Garros
Contractor: Léon Grosse
Architect: Marc Mimram
City, Country : Saint Cloud – France
Surface: 3 500 sqm
Products: Acoustic printed fabric
Completion time: 2 months for 6 to 10 persons

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