Create the perfect backdrop for your cinema with our cold-installed covers

The film starts and the room falls silent. Everything is designed in such a way for the audience to become totally immersed in the action, with the loudspeakers transmitting sound throughout the room in order to create the perfect atmosphere. What could be better? What this means, though, is that the issue of acoustics has to be assessed in a personalised way, taking the architecture of the room, its size and its features into account.

CLIPSO offers an extensive solution (covers and absorbent materials) for all cinemas. Highly versatile, various different characteristics can be combined:

  • prints to create a unique atmosphere in each theatre
  • colours, ensuring that the decorations are in keeping with the spirit of the cinema
  • shapes, aimed at creating stylish acoustic walls and ceilings

Our acoustic fabrics fit perfectly into the backdrop of cinemas, whether used on ceilings or walls. They can even be used to print posters and to decorate the different areas of your establishment.

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