A cinema in your image

When the film begins, silence sets in. Everything is in place for the viewer to be immersed in the storyline. The loudspeakers transmit the sound throughout the room so that the atmosphere is perfect. The acoustics play an essential role in this. It has to be designed individually, depending on the architecture of the room, its size and also its particular features.

CLIPSO offers a comprehensive solution (covering and absorbent) for all cinemas. This solution can also combine different characteristics:

  • Printing: for a unique atmosphere in every room
  • Colour: for a decor in keeping with the spirit of the cinema
  • Shape: to create stylish acoustic walls and ceilings

The acoustic covering blends in with the cinema’s decor, either as a ceiling or a wall. It can even be used to print posters and decorate the different areas of the cinema.

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