CLIPSO® is committed to the health of everyone by integrating an ANTI COVID-19 treatment into the SO CLEAN 705 AB fabric!



Protecting yourself and others is now a priority in the current context. Blocking the epidemic of the Coronavirus COVID-19 contributes to ensuring the health of all.

It is with this in mind that CLIPSO® is constantly improving its ranges of coatings. The SO CLEAN range with the SANITIZED® label is a perfect illustration of this. The NEW SO CLEAN 705 AB coating now has a 99.4% anti-viral capacity, including against the Coronavirus.


Applied cold in a few hours with minimal disturbance, it provides an anti-bacterial and anti-viral barrier that incorporates COVID-19. Tests carried out by a certified laboratory, based on the ISO 18184: 2019 standard, attest to this. CLIPSO®'s SO CLEAN 705 AB anti-bacterial coating is suitable for both professional and private spaces to ensure a healthy environment.

Because nowadays it is essential to work together, we use our know-how to take care of you and your loved ones.

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