SO ACOUSTIC & SO AERO dress the lobby of the Motion Picture Association theatre in Washington D.C.


The lobby of the Motion Picture Association theatre in Washington D.C. is also used as a gathering place before film screenings. Acoustics was therefore a major concern for the Gensler architectural firm. CLIPSO was able to meet their requirements by providing an elegant ceiling with real acoustic performance combined with versatile integrated lighting.

Combined with an acoustic fleece, CLIPSO's SO ACOUSTIC solution achieved a high level of acoustic performance with noise reduction coefficients (NRC) of up to 1.05. Although the client chose white, the SO ACOUSTIC range is available in 32 colours plus a translucent coating.

To create this three-dimensional ceiling, CLIPSO engineers selected a 60 mm thick aluminium profile, which was cut and bent to size and then assembled into 362 SO AERO frames using CLIPSO's specific fastening system. This fastening system also meets one of the architects' requirements, which was to be able to access the plenum easily and quickly if necessary.

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