XXL plant mural with SO ACOUSTIC by CLIPSO


South Bend Children's Hospital courtyard, Indiana (USA)

The connection with nature is vital for human beings. This innate connection is essential to physical and psychological well-being and health. This biophilic concept was the guiding principle behind the renovation of the courtyard of the children's hospital in South Bend, Indiana, by the architectural firm ZGF Architects.

To blend in with the soothing, healing theme of nature, the American architects chose to cover a very large wall with a plant-like print. Acoustics were also a major consideration, so they chose a CLIPSO printed acoustic cladding combined with a 10mm high performance absorber.

This XXL plant fresco was installed on a curved wall of approximately 350 m2 (10 m high x 35 m long). This was a technical challenge that CLIPSO and its partner Perry Acoustics were able to meet thanks to their perfect mastery of the product and their know-how.

The stretched fabric was made to measure and in one piece by CLIPSO, adapting perfectly to the curved structure and openings of the building. The installation was carried out at room temperature, causing very little disturbance and allowing rapid installation. However, the installation required a few double-jointed connections, which were almost invisible once the installation was complete.

For this project, CLIPSO was able to meet both the aesthetic and technical requirements of the project. The meticulous finishes and impeccable rendering are an example of effective biophilic design promoting a reconnection with a natural environment conducive to well-being and health.

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