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Our translucent ceilings will bring light and warmth into your interior spaces

Are you looking for an original solution for renovating or adding the finishing touches to a ceiling? CLIPSO has the right solutions for you. With our translucent fabrics, your ceilings will become sources of light that you can then choose to model as you see fit with light paths, sets of lights, backlighting and various other options.
All you have to do is imagine your project and CLIPSO will take care of the rest.

Translucent stretch fabrics - a customisable solution for ceiling

Our translucent covers are part of our range of cold-fitted fabrics, having been specially designed to allow light to pass through. You can place your lighting system behind the cover, and the light will shine through, lighting the room. This process will give free reign to your creative side – creating shapes is fun and easy.

Depending on your choice, the light transmission factor can be adjusted accordingly, whether it’s 30, 50 or 70%. This figure, combined with the power of the light source used, will determine the amount of light the room will receive. From an intimate atmosphere to much brighter lights, our covers can be adapted to suit your needs, leaving you to find the right atmosphere for your space.

What makes our translucent fabrics so special is that they can be customised using whichever visual you want. Whether the image is from our collection or from the CLIPSO library, it’s time to become a master of light.

Our translucent ceilings will bring light and warmth into your interior spacesOur translucent ceilings will bring light and warmth into your interior spaces

Our translucent stretch ceilings can be folded however you want

With such innovative fabrics, you can create a wide range of effects. One of our must-have options is the light path, which takes customers on a journey and which is perfect for shopping centres or retail outlets. It also provides a modern, almost futuristic effect for this type of space.

Translucent ceilings create a range of effects, such as changing lights. Ideal for festive locations, they promote atmospheres conducive to having fun. Red, green, blue – combine thousands of colours with music in your space. Soft coloured lights are ideal for relaxation spaces, helping to create a cosy atmosphere.

Translucent fabrics are also perfectly at home in…your home! In dressing rooms, they can add a touch of refinement, shining a light on your clothes, shoes and accessories. Fitted in bedrooms, our stretch ceilings will shroud the room in a gentle light, perfect for a good night’s sleep.

Translucent ceilings can be used to brighten interior spaces, whether public or private, in an innovative way, offering an alternative to classic lights. No matter the type of work you want, whether it’s a redesign or a construction project, don’t miss out on our stretch ceilings!

Find out more about the SO LIGHT range by downloading the documentation here

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