Educational establishments

The quality of the learning environment for children and students is essential to their development. An optimised facility in which every detail of daily life has been studied and improved helps to increase motivation and maximise the educational experience. Adapting the educational environment goes well beyond the purely aesthetic aspects.

Good acoustics are essential, especially in a facility accommodating children. Shouting, play and noise linked to various activities all add to an overall feeling of discomfort that may be amplified if the noise pollution is not correctly dealt with and absorbed.

CLIPSO’s acoustic solutions are perfectly adapted to educational environments – schools, lecture theatres, documentation centres and dining rooms –, providing schoolchildren and students with excellent acoustic conditions in all the facilities they use.

CLIPSO’s solutions are environmentally-friendly and comply with the regulations: they do not emit pollutant substances into the indoor air. This advantage has led a number of establishments to call on CLIPSO’s services.

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