Ensuring ideal conditions in learning environments

The quality of the learning environment for children and students is essential for their development. An optimised place, where every detail of daily life has been studied and improved, helps to drive their motivation while maximising their learning experience. Adapting learning environments is therefore far more than just a cosmetic makeover.

In spaces where children are present in particular, acoustics are essential. Daily screams, games and noises from various activities create a general sense of discomfort that can be amplified if noise pollution is not properly treated and absorbed.

CLIPSO acoustic ceilings and walls are perfectly suited to schools and lecture halls, but also for resource libraries and canteens. This allows schoolchildren and students to enjoy excellent acoustic conditions in every living space. In addition, CLIPSO stretch fabrics are environmentally friendly and comply with regulations: they do not emit pollutants into indoor air, guaranteeing a healthy environment.

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