When it comes to casinos, place your bets on cold-installed stretch fabrics

In the casino, no hopes are too outlandish. The craziest bets are placed in an environment that has been carefully designed to make it ideal for having a good time. In order to get the décor just right, the choice of wall and ceiling cover is an essential aspect. For casinos, the different solutions offered by CLIPSO are ideal for creating the perfect entertainment environment: acoustic covers, translucent covers, printable covers – just ask for CLIPSO.

Cold-fitted stretch covers are 100% customisable, and the fact that they are available in an extra-wide format (up to 5.10m) makes them ideal for large spaces. Stretch covers can also be used with chambers or frames and with an extensive range and a wealth of features available, CLIPSO is capable of handling even the most specific requirements. Digital printing is another option available, offering you a spectacular backdrop for your casino. Simply select your visual identity (photo, quote, drawing) and CLIPSO will take care of the rest.

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