Completely revamped, the COSMO offers an interstellar journey to its guests


A mythical place of Clermont-Ferrand’s nights, the former BBox nightclub has been refurbished into a multi-ambient space that includes an elegant and festive restaurant and a space where DJ nights, dancefloor and concerts are organized. This spectacular and celestial metamorphosis was created by the architect Hervé Porte, who has paid a particular attention to the ceiling, a monumental and central element of the restaurant.

Welcome to COSMO!

CLIPSO® was able to meet his expectations in terms of acoustic and aesthetic improvement by installing XXL size frames, printed and backlit. The result is 500 m2 of real acoustic performance in a completely revamped space.
In this transformation, the ceiling plays a major role as much for acoustic reasons as for its capacity to create intimate and optimal listening environments.

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Published on 24/08/2023

Clipso launches 8 new colors inspired by the colors of nature. This new collection of new shades is the latest addition to the CLIPSO range of color coatings, in harmony with today’s shades and trends. These colors bring a warm touch to all interior styles, whether classic or modern.

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Published on 05/07/2023

In Copenhagen in Denmark, offices and meeting rooms have been fitted with backlit translucent white ceilings from the SO LIGHT range.

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An extraordinary projectSolicited by SKYMAKER (TMBT), its distributor partner in Qatar, CLIPSO's expertise and its highly technical products were decisive assets in winning the extraordinary project for the emblematic "Place Vendôme Mall" in Qatar.

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