So Deco by Clipso

Impress your guests with our illusion effect ceilings

Who can honestly say they’ve never dreamed of having the sky as their ceiling? With our printed covers, your dreams can become reality, with an extensive range of effects available to whisk you away. The realistic nature of our prints is striking, whether it’s to reproduce material, the work of a famous painter or to play with perspectives. All you have to do is find the right visuals for you and we will take care of the rest.

Got an urgent decoration need? Why not try our fashionable illusion effect fabrics

Previously, the illusion effect could only be used with flat supports or paint, which meant it was impossible to use lights or to combine different technical characteristics. With CLIPSO, you can now go one step further.

With illusion effect printing, simply select the right visual for you and have it fitted to the ceiling. In just a few hours, the illusion will start to take effect. This fabric can be adapted for use with all styles and in all environments and is easy to install, meaning it can be adapted to any situation (beams, air vents, fire detectors, etc.). For public spaces or homes, they provide an attractive addition, surprising visitors and playing with optical illusions.

In order for the illusion to be perfect, illusion effect covers must be used in conjunction with a high-quality visual. This has to play on perspectives, with shadows and lines respected, and for a realistic effect, the ceiling has to be smooth. However, it is possible to obtain a high-quality result with equipment installed (air conditioning, spotlights, etc), which will have no impact on the illusion.

Printable ceiling fabrics - for all your illusion ideas

For years now, businesses and individual clients have used their imaginations in conjunction with the CLIPSO illusion effect.
A range of completed projects pay witness to this expression of imagination, with our covers being used, for example, to hide skylights. Our illusion effect ceilings make you feel as though you’re looking out at the sky.

Conventional buildings are built using Haussmanian ceilings, which give the illusion of a high ceiling with mouldings and roses. In another style, it is possible to reproduce a constellation by printing and incorporating fibre optics. See the Milky Way indoors!

Whether it’s a sunny sky or graphics you’re after, anything is possible with our printed illusion effect stretch fabrics.
If you want a totally customised ceiling, simply provide CLIPSO with your own visual.

Our illusion effect ceilings provide an original way to add texture to your interiors, with something for everyone. When you see the look on your visitors’ faces, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice. If you’d rather create an illusion effect wall, with CLIPSO, anything is possible.

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