So Deco by Clipso

Lose yourself in the world of our CLIPSO illusion effect walls

Printed fabrics are a must when it comes to customisation, allowing everyone to obtain spectacular results. Whether you opt for a picture of an idyllic beach, a personal snap, material effects (leather, wood, stone, etc.) or optical illusions, it all comes down to how realistic and precise the visual is.

Play around with optical solutions to surprise your visitors

It’s never not a good time to create a surprise or two, and when it comes to entirely redesigning an interior space, using wall covers is one way of doing this. Get inspired by taking a look at the visuals on the CLIPSO website to discover a range of different images and their effects.
In order to take the customisation process as far as possible, simply send CLIPSO the photo of your choice.

For the perfect result, it is essential that you take into account the configuration of the room itself, including windows, doors, etc. when it comes to making your project a reality.

Opt for printed illusion effect walls, available in a range of shapes and sizes

CLIPSO printed fabrics can be used on walls, whisking you away by creating gateways to new landscapes and exotic locations. They can represent a window opening out onto a wide prairie, they can give the illusion of a huge library overflowing with books or they can offer an unbeatable view of a golden, sandy beach…

Perhaps you’ve always dreamt of owning a work of art? Time to make that leap! It’s now totally possible to design a bespoke frame to which the printed fabric will then be fitted. From afar, visitors will think they’re looking at a genuine work of art.

Our illusion effect covers enable a range of fantasies - just let your imagination take over. Whether it’s on a partition, a door or an entire wall, no illusions are off-limits. Maybe you’ve already got an idea in mind – in any case, it’s time to get in touch with CLIPSO.

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